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Inbound Marketing

The scenario has changed, the focus of any business strategy must be the consumer and leave behind old models of unidirectional impact. Companies must change the way they understand the market, their potential customers and fit their brand and sales strategies to a new type of customer, one who knows what he wants and does not feel lazy to go for it. Say goodbye to traditional marketing and welcome Inbound Marketing!

Betting on an Inbound Marketing strategy is to think about effective techniques for attracting relevant traffic, qualified leads and clients with whom it is necessary to maintain a loyalty relationship. Inbound Marketing allows your company to deploy a network of tactics and actions for the an unique purpose of adapting the type of brand content to the interests and needs of the user, without losing sight of the Buyer´s Journey.

Buyer Persona, Relevant and quality content, Buyer´s Journey, creativity, effective distribution, Marketing Automation … everything is part of the same inbound marketing. It is a strategy that combines different marketing techniques such as SEO, E-Mail Marketing, Social Media, Content Marketing, among others to offer value to the user in the different stages of the buying cycle: Awareness – Consideration – Decision.

So when thinking about an Inbound Marketing Strategy we should think about:

  • Buyer Persona: Semi-fictional representations of your ideal customer based on real data and some select educated speculation about customer demographics, behavior patterns, motivations, and goals. Through the creation of user stories, we can come to a real knowledge of the needs, interests, concerns, challenges, etc. of our potential client. Creating the profile of a Buyer Persona means eradicating assumptions and betting on real information of our ideal client.
  • Content Marketing: The contents that a brand must create must respond to a certain problem that our Buyer Persona experiences, and then generate contents that accompany the user throughout their purchase cycle (contents that describe X problem, content that identifies the Problem, contents that give solution to X problem). This way you achieve maximum brand visibility in search engines and potentiate lead generation.
  • Segmentation: The objective of an inbound strategy is to accompany the user throughout their purchase cycle, providing valuable information.
  • Marketing Automation: Centralize the company strategy in the user requires an automated technological system to maintain relevant communications at all times “the ideal message, at the right time”.
  • Análisis: Every action within an Inbound Marketing strategy must be tracked and analyzed in order to know the effectiveness of our actions.

Metodología Inbound Marketing

At MarketValley we are committed to an Inbound Marketing strategy that guarantees the optimization of acquisition processes, lead generation and customer loyalty in our database.
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