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Google Shopping

Google Shopping is a service by Google which allows the user to have access to a wide range of products related to their specific search. It is a very easy and simple way to give the user the opportunity to compare prices among various competitors and also to be able to find what one is really looking for. Do you want to offer your products on Google Shopping and increase your sales?  Contact our Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Experts ! Google Shopping presents itself as a great opportunity for businesses and  shops online to enhance sales that their catalogues offer. To be able to appear on Google Shopping, you’ll need to highlight the products you wish to sell on this platform through Google Merchant Center, a tool which allows, by means of feed data, to upload all the products of the shop online. This document must have different directives and be managed in the correct manner so that the results are effective.


Google Shopping forms parts of the landscape proposed to the searcher when answering the question of a user. In front of a determined query, the searcher gets back results from Google Shopping that can be easily recognized in a graphic form on the right-hand side of the search results page, and in some cases on the upper side. Google Shopping increases the selling options and it does this through two interesting interface techniques for the user:

  • visibility of price in the results of the research
  • images of the product in the results of the organic research

The big advantage of keeping campaigns active on Google Shopping is that they reach the user with images of additional products to those for which a search has been done, increasing the user attention and the qualified traffic towards your website. The results of Google shopping jointly with the Adwords campaigns and a SEO strategy have a great impact on the user and its possibilities of conversion.


If you are interested in including your shop and selling your products on Google Shopping, there are two fundamental aspects for the campaign of Google Shopping to be a success.

1) The creation of feed data: much time must be dedicated to make adequate segments of the products and to write good descriptions, where the brand and the main keywords of our searchers are included. In Google Shopping the descriptions are keys.

2) The creation of campaigns of Google Shopping: This is absolutely necessary for a Google Shopping campaign outcome. A correct and segmented strategy of the campaign will facilitate the indexation of our products in the search results.

If you are interested in increasing your sales online, opt for a strategy in Google Shopping and increase your results with a Remarketing strategy that will enhance the growth of your business. We know how to help you.  Contact Us!