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Ensuring your website’s proper indexing is essential to achieving your business goals. Perform a complete and thorough SEO audit of your website in order to solve any issues affecting user experience or achieving your business objectives. For example, indexing problems, duplicate content, lack of On-Page SEO optimization, etc. Our SEO audit focuses on every important detail related to the technical and semantic aspects of your website.


Your ultimate goal is to have your website appear in the top 10 organic search results whenever a user searches for products and/or services related to your business. As a result, your sales or conversions will be higher as long as your site is properly structured and ensures good usability and user experience when it comes to navigating and interacting with your website. Converting a visit into a sale depends on many variables, all of which will be discussed in your SEO audit.


The SEO audit will assess the accessibility of search bots to the content on your website and the ability of content indexing.


Accessibility Analysis: Good accessibility is essential for successful SEO. Usability lies in the ease of use and accessibility of information by users as well as spyders (or search robots). Any technical limitation can threaten the proper indexing of your site: robots.txt, JavaScript, etc., and it is therefore necessary to perform an SEO audit.


Website structure and information architecture: The structure of a website encompasses the strategic way by which information is organized and prioritized. Defining a proper site structure is imperative as this will determine the proper indexing by search engines. Concrete and structured architectural information allows search robots to access your information in detail, ensuring proper internal linking structure and preventing the loss of authority and link juice. A complete SEO audit will allow us to locate key points where your website needs improvement.


Indexability: The indexability of a website refers to the ease with which search robots can: find your website, trace the content in its entirety (including images, videos, etc.), and correctly classify content according to categories / relevant keywords. Guarantee the indexability of your website with a SEO audit.


Our SEO audit is based on a thorough review of all areas in regards to the positioning of the website and how it can be affected; so as to identify the strengths and weaknesses of your website.


Our SEO consultants will conduct a full report with vital information in order to make strategic changes and improvements to your website to maximize results and achieve your business goals.


Acquire our SEO audit and grow your business!