Online Reputation Management

Online Reputation Management

The internet is a constantly changing environment. It is one space where millions of users are virtually found, share opinions, strengthen relationships, interact … a world that continuously creates content and emotions. What does this mean? Simple, millions of users and customers have the freedom to publish their opinions online, whether good or bad. This requires companies to manage and monitor what circulates online in order to protect their brand, and effectively manage their online brand reputation.

Have you ever wondered how online reputation affects your brand? Not only does Google and other search engines evaluate your site, but users also look for reviews and opinions from other customers before purchasing goods or services. Contact us and request an audit of your brand’s online reputation so we can help you design a strategic plan for the proper management of your online reputation and thus execute an effective brand protection strategy. It’s a task that requires a specific online brand consultation that allows SEO techniques and social media strategies (profiles, blogs, etc.) to exploit synergies in each specialty.


First off, we will develop an optimizing strategy and content planning in your field’s social networks in order to improve the online reputation of your brand. A clear online communication plan serves as the foundation for good communication management between your brand and your customers – as well as the media, bloggers, etc.

In order to manage your online reputation it is essential to create a variety of content (videos, texts, press releases, etc.) that is SEO optimized to increase their indexing and ranking. Consequently, this content becomes the foundation for our online reputation strategy through its popularity, virality and indexing – generating a positive atmosphere with and around the brand.

Online reputation management is not just the process of monitoring and repairing negative comments about a brand, but also entails a change in the communication policy of the company that allows you to prevent and resolve potential reputation issues. This demonstrates a sincere concern and importance towards the opinion of your users, on your behalf, through management that is both authentic and diligent.

Our consultants will conduct an audit of the brand’s online reputation in order to develop effective management and monitoring of your online reputation.

  • Identification of current negative content and websites
  • Analysis of corporate websites and platforms
  • Analysis of positive and negative websites in order to locate potential issues
  • Establishment of objectives (desired setting)
  • Creation of a communication strategy and action plan
  • Tracking of negative comments
  • Creation of SEO optimized content
  • Monitoring of online reputation management efforts

The follow-up of the results of the online reputation strategy is a dynamic and continuous process. Its implementation is an indispensable asset to evaluate the results obtained and analyze the achievement of objectives. In order to do so, we have various tools that allow us to effectively manage and monitor in real-time the objectives of the online reputation strategy.

Your social networks are critical for online reputation management success. Our service, SocialLinkBuilding, will strengthen your corporate visibility in search engine results by outranking negative comments and / or competitors on the first page.

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