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Web Analytics

Web analytics are an essential tool for all businesses that intend to grow. Improve profitability and take proactive actions towards the optimization of web user behavior in order to increase sales and uncover new business opportunities that are currently not implemented. Through the measurement, collection and analysis of data – strategic actions that will identify and attract your potential customers can be determined. As a result, you will improve the quality and quantity of your metrics as well as increase the conversion rate and maximization of sales and profits.

By implementing business decisions based on analysis, filtering, and data reports conducted by experts, you can access a more strategic insight into user behavior and how users interact with your site, thus determining web optimization initiatives that will successfully achieve your business goals. Both the support and strategic consulting become key pillars to our web analytics service. We are a team with extensive experience in managing data-driven strategies. Contact us and monetize your business online!

  • Make decisions based on data related to principle KPIs.
  • Configure your Google Analytics account successfully: KPIs, advanced segments, business objectives.
  • Obtain customized reports, dashboards for easy analysis, and strategic consulting from expert consultants.


Data is the foundation of all business decisions. They help understand the market, identify how to position your brand in the market, and identify opportunities to reach your target audience by analyzing user behavior. It is this data that will lead you towards an increase in your sales and conversions. Contact our team of experts and begin to monetize your metrics.


Google Analytics is a key tool in any online business strategy, and therefore its configuration and correct implementation is crucial for reaching its full potential. Custom reports, advanced segments, filters, objectives, events, funnels … we can help in configuring a web analytics strategy that is cost effective and will help you reach your goals. Contact us!


Sometimes the amount of data that one has to work with can be rather overwhelming and cumbersome. To solve this problem, you can count on MarketValley and our team of experts who will help you set up custom reports focused on the strategic KPIs and the relevant data needed for decision-making.

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